Drone-based aircraft
damage inspection system

RAPID is a Remote Automated Plane Inspection
and Dissemination System
RAPID is a highly automated drone based aircraft damage inspection and integrated reporting system that reduces Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time by up to 90% and introduce measurable efficiencies across fleet maintenance by facilitating a new method of aircraft inspection for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance purposes. Using the RAPID App, the data captured is reviewed, collated and then disseminated within an airline via reporting systems.
RAPID Features
Automated flight path execution
Innovative location system for accurate indoor & outdoor positioning of the drone relative to aircraft reference datums
Real time 3D visualisation tool integrated to with the captured image data stream
High Definition camera, upgradeable to surface scanning, IR and other sensors
Damage reports are created incorporating captured images and can be exported to industry standard MRO software
RAPID Technology
The RAPID systems novelty is its use of automated drone technology to inspect record and report damage on commercial aircraft with unparalleled efficiency and subsequently make the results of the inspection quickly and easily available to all stakeholders. RAPID utilises next generation drone based sensor packages providing detailed direct visual inspection data that is immediately geo-referenced to the aircraft structure. Inspections of such fidelity can currently only be carried out by use of mobile platforms and experienced engineers to manually measure and record the damage locations.
RAPID Safety
RAPID can increase workplace safety whilst maintaining a competitive edge. Traditional survey methods are labour intensive, time consuming and often needs dedicated facilities and infrastructure to be conducted. RAPID uses no heavy or cumbersome equipment that may further damage the aircraft, or puts engineers into potentially hazardous situations.
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